I want to personally thank everyone for being interested in learning more about our fundraiser and our mission.


I am the surviving spouse of Danny Dietz, a Navy SEAL that was killed on June 28th, 2005 during Operation RedWings.  


The loss of a loved one has a great impact on someone’s life, but even more so when they are taken from you when you never expected it.  Danny and I had just bought a new house, had our two dogs, and dreamed to grow old together…that all changed by a knock on my door that delivered the news that my husband was killed in Action. Being part of the SEAL community, you know there is a certain danger that your loved one must face…you know that country comes first…. but nothing prepares you for that knock. 


I decided after Danny’s loss to turn that pain and sorrow into something positive that reflected his character of loyalty and strength, we focused on helping men like him whom come back from battle changed.  We wanted to focus on the women left behind trying to sort life out without their love ones, and we wanted to give back to our first responders, because they are the ones that protect us on American soil. 


Every year the Danny Dietz Memorial Classic event is making a difference in our warriors abroad and at home, by providing grants through our foundation to help with their health and injuries caused during their service to our country and supporting the Gold star families in any capacity needed.  This all is possible thanks to all of you that come out and support our cause.  Through this event not only do we keep Danny's legacy alive, but all the men that have died on June 28th  and other missions defending our country.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope to thank you myself one day.




Patsy Dietz-Shipley




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