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Each year, a special design is made to honor Danny Dietz and the other brave warriors who fought so bravely on June 28, 2005 during Operation Red Wing. The designs are a collaboration of Maria 'Patsy' Dietz Shipley (Danny's Wife) and his Teammates. Please find below the background stories on each year's logo, as told by Patsy...
 1 ddm logo
"Our first year, we wanted the logo to represent what Operation Red Wing was all about with one specific image. We decided to incorporate The Texas flag  to represent the location for this wonderful fundraiser, the SEAL Trident for the community these men loved and die for, the four men on the ground with Marcus Luttrell in a darker color representing that all was not in vein. We also incorporated the helicopter representing the QRF that were on their way to save their brothers on the ground... The men on this helicopter were all heroes and went into danger without reserve, knowing that there was a good chance they might not come home."
2 ddm logo 
"Our second year we were inspired by a painting that was done by an artist in honor of Operation Red Wing. This painting can be found at the UDT SEAL Museum under the "Operation Red Wing" area. We also wanted to continue to include an homage to the State of Texas, where this event takes place and where we have gained so much support from amazing, patriotic citizens.
3 ddm logo 
"Teammates and I wanted to not only represent the SEALs in the helicopter by the image of their helo, but also by their names. Danny's image represents one of the pictures taken in Afghanistan months before he was killed."
4 ddm logo 
5 ddm logo
6 ddm logo
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